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Company NameCityPhoneContact First NameContact Last NameAddress1Address2ProvincePostal CodeHome PhoneCell PhoneEmailFaxNumber Of TrucksAvailable EquipmentCompensation WorkSafeNBLiability InsuranceLiability AmountHas HST NumberCommentsWorks Province Wide (Counties)
663538 NB Ltd./Blaine Nason & FamilyFredericton(506) 474-1043BlaineNason1187 McLeod HillNBE3G 6J2(506) 474-1043(506) 999-1043bnasonandfamily@hotmail.com1Peterbuilt (tandem) and ExcavatorYes2,000,000YesYork
A.R. Reitzel Landscaping LtdLutes Mountain(506) 855-3872DarrenReitzel537 Charles Lutes RoadNBE1G 2T5(506) 855-3872(506) 383-46812tandem dump truck, tandem tandemYesYes5,000,000YesKent, Westmorland, Albert
Blakney's Trucking IncGrove Hill(506) 832-9017591 Grove Hill RoadNBE5N 4R7(506) 832-90172dump trailer, tandem dump truck, asphalt tarp spreader, float trailer, excavatorYesYes3,000,000YesCarleton, Charlotte,Kings, Queens, St.John, Westmorland, York
Charles FerrisJemseg(506) 488-2323CharlesFerris4791 Route 105NBE4C 3K71 506 292-4791ferrischarles259@gmail.com1Tandem Dump TruckYesYesYeskings, queens, saint john, sunbury
Chris Derrah & Sons LtdNorthampton(506) 324-8994ChrisDerrah4411 Route 105NBE7N 1E61 506 325-8152cnderrah@xplorenet.com1 506 324-92182dump trailer, tandem dump truck, belly dump, asphalt tarp spreaderYesYesYesYes
COAC Holdings LtdUpper Queensbury(506) 575-8130ErrollGraham4454 Route 105NBE6G 1X51 506 575-54101 506 575-81452dump trailer, tandem dump truck, belly dump, asphalt tarp spreader, flatbed trailer, float trailer, dozer, backhoeYesYes2,000,000YesYes
Donald Noble & Sons LtdRusagonis(506) 455-5057Terry or DaleNoble263 Bryson RoadNBE3B 8E2(506) 455-5057(506) 461-2439 or (506) 461-2437donaldnoblesons@gmail.com1 506 457-19271dump trailer, tandem dump truck, excavator, dozer, backhoeYesYes2,000,000YesYork, Sunbury, Queen
Doras StennickFrench Lake(506) 357-2534DorasStennick59 French Lake RoadNBE2V 4E4506 447-8208jackiestennick@hotmail.com10dump trailer, tandem dump truck, belly dump, rock truck, asphalt tarp spreader, flatbed trailer, pulp truck loader, float trailer, excavator, dozer, backhoeYesYes2,000,000YesYes
Flaglor Transport LtdOak Point(506) 468-2451GlenCarson6810 Route 102NBE5M 2H41 506 640-04511 506 468-98133Tandem Dump Truck, Asphalt tarp spreader, excavator, dozerYesYes2,000,000YesCharlotte, Queens, Kings, Saint John, Sunbury, York
Fred McGarityWhites Cove(506) 488-2769FredMcGarity191 Knight RoadNBE4C 3E9(506) 488-2769(506) 461-8763 or (506) 261-24081dump truckYesYes1,000,000YesKings, Queens, Sunbury
Frederick GrahamUpper Queensbury(506) 575-2030FrederickGraham4328 Route 105nbE6G 1X71 506 575-52011dump trailer, belly dump, pulp truck loader, Yes3,000,000YesYes
Gary GriffinKirkland(506) 277-6379GaryGriffin1777 Route 540NBE7N 2K4(506) 277-6369(506) 325-00232dump trailer, tandem dump truck, flatbed trailerYesYes3,000,000YesLog TrailerYes
H2O Bulk Water LtdLincoln(506) 461-2911CareyCarle26 Susan DriveNBE3B 7G8(506) 461-2911(506) 476-0251ferne.glen@bellaliant.net10YesYes5,000,000YesYork, Sunbury, Queens or All
Halton McMullinHarvey(506) 366-2997Halton & RuthMcMullin56 Reynolds RoadNBE6K 1W21 506 470-18421 506 366-29974dump trailer, tandem dump truck, asphalt tarp spreader, flatbed trailerYesYes2,000,000YesYes
Hazen J Hunter LtdMaugerville(506) 458-9833HazenHunter281 Route 105NBE3A 8P1(506) 458-9833(506) 457-8354 or (506) 459-470253 tandem dump trucks, 2 tractor trailers (end dump, love floor, hopper dump, flat bed, sted deck, 2-50ton floats, Vans 53"), backhoeYesYes3,000,000YesYes
HB Barton Trucking LtdChipman(506) 339-5454MichaelBarton12 Industrial Park RoadNBE4A 2R3(506) 339-5454(506) 444-1188hbbarton@nb.aibn.com6Excavators; Skid Steers; Dump Trucks; Plow Truck; Scissor dump trailer; Grader, Front end loader; single drum vibrating roller; tractor trucks; float triaxle trailers; triaxle trailer; crawler dozer cab; Hydraulic excavator; jumping jack tamper; diesel plate tamper; gas plate tamper; dry storage vanYesYes5,000,000YesQueens, Sunbury, Northumberland, Kent
Irvine L Bridges LtdSheffield(506) 357-9421IrvineBridges2567 Route 105NBE3A 8H31 506 461-4224irvinebridges@gmail.com1trailer, tandem belly dump, asphalt tarp YesYesYesYes
K M Copp Trucking IncWelsford(506) 486-2954KenCopp471 Eagle Rock RoadNBE5K 3Y5(506) 486-2954(506) 643-1292kcopp@outlook.com1Kenworth and trancraft triaxle trailerYesYes3,000,000YesYes
Kevin LaneFredericton(506) 459-8441Kevin or LindaLane40 Merrithew AvenueNBE3B 7S6(506) 459-8441(506) 461-2806 0r (506) 476-8441llane@nb.sympatico.ca3Tandem Dump Truck, Dozer, BackhoeYes2,000,000YesYes
Kevin Saunders (1986) LtdFredericton(506) 460-8181KevinSaunders180 Melissa StreetRichibucto RoadNBE3A 6W21 506 476-3181saundersk1959@rogers.com1 506 46081811dump trailer, belly dump, asphalt tarp spreaderYesYes2,000,000Yes
L R Nason TruckingHarvey(506) 366-5577LeonNason106 Stephens LaneNBE6K 2J8(506) 366-5577(506) 366-91092Tandem Truck, Tractor trailer tandem trailer, escavator, dozer, pulp loader on tandem truckNoYes3,000,000YesYork, Charlotte, Sunbury
L&C Munn Developments IncFredericton(506) 458-5371LarryMunn11 Mindy AvenueNBE3A 0J5(506) 458-5371(506) 461-0004munnstrucking@nb.aibn.com1Tandem Dump, Excavator with mulching head, Float, tagalong, Tractor, RollerNYesYes2,000,000YesAll
Merle Smith & Sons LtdSwan Creek(506) 488-2165Merle or MerlineSmith932 Route 102NBE2V 2X9(506) 461-1019m.smithandsons@live.ca1 506 488-396653 tandem, 3 excavators, dozer, loader, 2 tractors YesYes20,000,000Yesqueens, sunbury
Michael R. DonahueHarvey(506) 366-3493MikeDonahue561 Route 4NBE6K 1X6366-2019447-1816jamdonahue@hotmail.com366-546175 tractors, 2 tandems, dump trailer, tandem dump truck, belly dump, asphalt tarp spreader, flatbed trailer, pulp truck loader, float trailer, excavator, dozerYesYes3 millionYesYes
Mike HalpinWards Creek(506) 434-3468MikeHalpin91 Valleyview DriveNBE4E 4P5(506) 434-3468(506) 434-3468 or (506) 651-1645afash25@hotmail.com2Freightliner, Dump Truck, Reefer, Dump trailer - triaxleYesYes
Mike MakepeaceGagetown(506) 488-3102MikeMakepeace30 Old Mill RoadNBE5M 1V1(506) 488-3102(506) 461-6410makepeac@nbnet.nb.ca1tandemYesYes1,000,000YesYes
Munn's Lumbering Co. LtdNashwaak Bridge(506) 367-2075JeffMunn3282 Route 148NBE6C 1T5(506) 367-2075(506) 447-1730mchunter@nbnet.nb.ca6Float trucks and trailers, Belly dump - triaxle and tandems, live floor -triaxle, end dumps -tandems, excavators, tractor, mini escavator, ripper tooth, loader, back hoeYesYes3,000,000Yes
Ralph MacDonald TruckingWelsford(506) 486-2066RalphMacDonald179 Cochrane LaneNBE5K 3Z6(506) 486-2066(506) 486-29521TandemYesYes2,000,000YesKings, Queens, St. John's, Sunbury
RB SmithFredericton(506) 450-7160BrentSmith469 Gibson StreetNBE3A 4E8506-447-43872dump trailer, tandem dump truck, asphalt tarp spreader, float trailer, dozerYes2,000,000YesYes
Robert A Walton Trucking IncHarvey(506) 366-2059RobertWalton2856 Route 3NBE6K 1T41 506 461-5163 or 1 506 461-6907rkwalton@nb.sympatico.ca1 506 366-20592tandem dump truck, belly dump, rock truck, asphalt tarp spreader, flatbed trailer, pulp truck loader, float trailer, excavator, dozerYesYesYesYes
Roger SpencerLincoln(506) 458-9907RogerSpencer20 Susan DriveNB1 506 470-8025crspencer@rogers.com1 506 458-99071tandem dump truck, Asphalt tarp spreaderYesYesYesYes
Russell DowSt. Stephen(506) 466-6468RussellDow319 Route 750NBE3L 4T5(506) 466-6468(506) 467-5279(506) 466-35732Tandem Dump Trucks and trailersYesYes2,000,000YesCharlotte+AF71
Titus Holdings LtdNerepis(506) 757-2564ToddTitus21 Worlynn CresNBE5K 3S5(506) 757-2564(506) 333-0517toddmarlene@gmail.comN/A22 tandem trucks (dump)YesYes3,000,000Yescharlotte, kings, queens, saint john,
Troy W AllportCharters Settlement(506) 451-5215TroyAllport273 Phillips RoadNBE3C 1T4(506) 454-9502(506) 451-52154dump truck, tandem dump truck, belly dump, asphalt tarp spreader, flatbed trailerYesYes2,000,000Yes25,000 Cargo coverageYes
Vallis TruckingWelsford(506) 486-2928Ed or BethVallis145 Cochrane LaneNBE5K 3Z6506 333-2640506 486-90042two tractors and one tandem, dump trailer, tandem dump truck, asphalt tarp spreaderYesYes2,000,000Yes
WayBren Ent. LtdFredericton(506) 470-3450WayneSmith38 Rolling Hill DriveRichibucto RoadNBE3A 9X4(506) 455-881432 Tandem Dump Trucks, 1 Dump TrailerYesYes5,000,000YesYes
Wayne ChaseLake George(506) 363-8908WayneChase180 Route 635NBE6K 2P4(506) 363-8908waynechase11@yahoo.ca1Freightliner, trailerYesNoN/AYesYes
William HunterBains Corner(506) 833-4675WilliamHunter355 Shanklin RoadNBE5R 1S6(506) 833-4675(506) 647-75571tandemYesYes3,000,000YesSaint John, Kings, Charlotte